Why Us

We understand brands in the MENA the region, and how to connect to global markets

With a strong presence in UK, Europe and USA, we understand exactly how to adapt ethnic products and brands into digitally connected international markets. So the opportunities for growth are endless as your brand shifts into new territories.

Why do we invest in Middle Eastern and North African brands? It’s simple. We never follow the crowd. That’s why we believe that it’s time for MENA consumer brands to compete on an international stage and thrive across the world. We believe that the high standards of MENA brands can challenge international mainstream brands and compete with global household names.

USA for USA and Canada

UK for UK only

Belgium for all of Europe

UAE for all of the GCC

1. USA for USA and Canada

2. UK for UK only

3. UAE for all of the GCC

4. Belgium for all of Europe

MENA brandsolutions

Billions of customers in new markets

Limitless smartphone penetration

New Distribution Network

Cross-country opportunities

We have world-wide reach

Be global, yet local. We’ve built our team with business growth in mind. Everything we do is geared towards increasing revenues. We grow Middle Eastern and North African brands with a global understanding of your business and a strong representation of the origin and roots of a brand.

We manage your brand with strategic fresh thinking, and brand positioning to make every consumer experience with your business more impactful. We adapt your cultural ethnicity with integrity to a global audience. So, you get a brand with purpose and personality, and as your DC2 partner we help you build a new community, scale, expand, transform, and perform on a global platform.

We offer a powerful plug-and-play solution for global growth

Instant Access

Our comprehensive international network provides your brand with direct access to consumers all over the world.

Market agility

Our extensive infrastructure and distribution enables a swift turnaround of product sales to the consumer.

Streamlined simplicity

Our refined approach simplifies the process, so we take on challenges.

Let's build new
markets together!