& Marketplace Management

E-Commerce has seen substantial growth in the UK market as more and more businesses are now doing business online. The world has seen a tremendous growth in sales on the internet. Organisations are now undergoing digital transformation and the market is huge.The consumer has now more choices than ever, and more competitive prices.The challenge is not only to reach out to the consumer but also make our brand known “visible” o the consumer while he is online.

Starting on day one of our partnership, we’ll cut you a six-figure check to buy the inventory we plan to sell during the first few months. Next, we’ll pair you with a highly-responsive Brand Manager who will help coordinate the day-to-day operations of your brand across the marketplace(s) of your choice. With a completely transparent look into our process, you’ll be sure you’re experiencing the best eCommerce inventory management from our eCommerce and Amazon marketplace managers.

Across listings, compliance, SEO, advertising, reviews and more, your Brand Manager will ensure that you have access to the best experts, the newest technology, and the most effective strategies for eCommerce inventory management, growth, and control.

Our Solutions Include:

Upfront Inventory Purchase
Managed eCommerce Inventory, Warehouse, & Distribution
Seller Central Management
Vendor Central Management
Content Performance
(Image Stacks, A+ Content, etc.)
MAP Policy Creation and Enforcement
Improved Rankings via Data-Driven SEO
Amazon Advertising & Marketplace Management/
Domestic & International eCommerce Marketplace Management
Access to Predict (Pattern’s eCommerce Proprietary Software)
“We offer mutually beneficial services like creative enhancement and digital advertising consulting and give those points back to brands, knowing that this is a partnership and those points can go toward meaningful growth initiatives.”
Brien Kennedy
Director of Brand Management for Skullcandy, Panasonic, and Igloo