How We Work

We're the concept studio you're looking for.

Our Services

We unite and connect dynamic Middle Eastern and North African brands, whether emerging or established, to bring your products directly to the global consumer and accelerate business growth with our extensive range of services managed by our team of experts.

What’s more, we invest in your brand, so as your brand partner, we can scale and generate demand fast. We charge no fees, and only make a profit when we sell your products to the consumer for a higher margin.

Customer Service

We blend human and machine to offer amazing customer service.

Support Team

We blend human and machine to offer amazing customer service.


We create consumer demand online, offline and via influencers.


We deliver your product straight to your customer’s doorstep.


We create digital and offline experiences at scale.

Invest + Buy

We purchase your stock as well as invest equity in your business.

Brand Adaptation

Adapt and tailor your brand to different international markets.

Strategy Development

Manage your brand with impactful strategies and brand positioning.

E-Commerce Store

Design, develop and manage D2C E-Commerce store for MENA brands with international access allowing customers to engage around the world.

Content Creation

Craft original content to engage your brand with the global consumer.

Social Media Management

Create and manage new social media accounts to connect your brand to new communities across the globe.

Influencer Collaboration

Collaborate with a new demographic of social media influencers to help your brand penetrate new markets and increase sales.

International SEO Strategy

We develop and fine tune your brand SEO strategy according to internal markets and the buying consumer.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

With direct access to distribution warehouses across the globe, we house your products ready for consumer purchase.

Marketplace Management

We make selling your brand products on multiple platforms easy and profitably, with seamless order management and automated inventory synchronisation.

Platform Financial Reconciliation

We manage streamlined accounts reconcilations to ensure accurate and efficient accounting activities for your brand.

E-Commerce Store Optimisation

We manage and maximise all aspects of E-Commerce optimisation from navigation to design, content and product descriptions.

Returns Management

Our dedicated team of personnel oversee the returns process for your brand.

Customer Service

Our on-ground international team of customer services specialists manage all aspects of customer operations.

Data Analysis

We use data analytics to extract insights and true meaning about your brand to enhance business performance.

Our Sales Channels

We achieve the highest sales, because we know how to connect Middle Eastern and North African brands with the right audience and generate demand to scale your business fast. Our multi-channel capabilities help you reach even more customers and we can make your sales channels work together to offer the ultimate consumer experience.


We build the next generation of E-Commerce experiences people love. We manage your brand by selling directly to customers online through building, maintaining and updating your e-commerce store. Our own in-house web development and design team oversee all aspects of brand growth with international expansion.

Our targeted e-commerce strategy is fully comprehensive, overseeing web design and development, marketing and sales, customer support, fulfillment, returns and exchanges, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), banner designs, email marketing, google and facebook ads management to data collection as part of our community building strategy to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers. Our digitally native approach reduces overheads, and is a super-fast, hyper-efficient model of commerce worldwide.

D2C Marketplace

We know how to gain exceptional growth in product sales for your brand on global marketplaces from Amazon and ebay, to other marketplaces by utilising our marketplace store creation, marketing services, product reviews and account setup. We leverage our significant experience to achieve your sales goals.

Our data driven specialists increase return on investment, all with total brand control. We build your storefronts, improve product copy and keywords, and generate higher returns on paid advertising. We streamline, manage and optimise your product sales across marketplaces. Storefront creation is a powerful, low-cost way to make your brand more discoverable and connect with international customers.

We leverage these tech platforms to provide accelerated innovation and strengthen your brand perception in the international markets. We tell the story behind the brand propelling the business, across multiple platforms, so that ambitious MENA brands connect in a more meaningful way with global consumers.

Distribution & Wholesale

Our extensive wholesale and distribution models cover sales from the UK, to EU, USA and Canada to UAE. We work with both short and longer term targets. To strengthen the brand presence in new markets, while building a strong community of loyal consumers and followers, we collect customer feedback, product reviews and adapt the brand according to consumer behaviour of the market.

We then capitalise on entering the wholesale market via selected partners in different territories as your brand awareness increases and in-turn customer demand rises, enabling wholesale partners to satisfy that demand by continuing to sell your products. Today, emerging technologies, and marketplace channels coupled with changing consumer demand and a growing competitor base requires MENA brands to embrace next-generation technologies and the ever-increasing digitisation in the distributor sector.

By staying ahead of distribution trends, we can ensure that your products and services are in the right place, at the right time. Whether that’s faster delivery times, easier returns, bulk deliveries to a single warehouse location or low-cost seamless logistics, we deliver faster and more efficient distribution solutions, so your brand can stay relevant and win more customers.

We take care of you

We believe in your brand and can identify exponential growth outside of the Middle Eastern and North African region. We crack new markets utilising our existing networks across the US, EU, and UK, so we can handle all the complexities from marketing campaigns to distribution and storage.

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and with fast growth comes gaps, missed opportunities and complications. That’s why we directly invest capital in emerging and existing innovative MENA brands and products. Our warehouse facilities (click onto diagram) which cover sales in each territory, offers MENA brands limitless success with a D2C presence and partner compared with a traditional local distributor.

Our invaluable knowledge and in-depth expertise, bridge the gaps to build highly dynamic brand DC2 partnerships on a global stage showcasing the best MENA consumer products.

Let's build new
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